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Based in Cambridge, MissChivers Pet Services caters for anyone who feels they need a helping hand caring for their pets.

Many people find that they have a need for assistance with their pets whilst away on much needed holidays, when work commitments may take over or a change in career.

Perhaps you may need help when other temporary circumstances take place, from illness through to a newborn joining the family? Any of these situations can mean that there just isn’t the time to walk the dog or feed other animals

Or would your dog jump up at the idea of having an hours run, fun and play with a group of equally well behaved pooches at lunch times?  This is where we can help!

We aim to be as flexible as possible to fit in with you and your pet's requirements. Understanding each pet's individual needs is vital for their well-being and and we treat them as if they are our own!

Please have a look around the website and feel free to contact us for any other information and a friendly chat.

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