Dog walking

MissChivers dog walks consist of lots of fun, walk, run and play! On our mini adventure group walks, which is the most popular, we walk to a variety of commons and parks suitable for off and on lead walks. This includes Coldham’s Common, Grantchester meadows, Paradise Nature Reserve and other areas depending on your location.

Pick up times are from 11-11.30 am and 1-1.30 pm and once at our destination we walk/run for a good 1 hour for exercise and group socialisation. It is vital for a dog’s well-being to have enough exercise (depending on the breed and age) but to also experience social outings with other dogs. This way they have the real feel of ‘the pack’ to which they naturally embrace.

Because often the dog’s owners are at work or busy we are trusted with house keys, insured and police checked for your peace of mind. Please see our reviews for previous clientele references.

We also offer Solo Walks. These can be for special cases where a new puppy needs social training or if your dog just prefers walking on their own? We can help you with this with one to one attention and care (I am not a professional dog trainer however I am currently studying dog psychology and behaviour and can put you in the right direction if you need it)

Water is always at hand during the walks. On every walk we carry with us a pet first aid kit just in case an accident may occur. It is best not to feed your dog(s) for an hour before walking. Naturally after a lot of fun the dogs can get messy – We always do our best to bring your dog(s) back home as clean as possible, ensuring there is fresh water in their bowl, and anything else you or your pet requires :)

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and on group dog walks they must be neutered/sprayed.

At your pre-service visit we discuss and file all details about your dog, any medications to be given, food habits and temperaments, emergency numbers as well as a dog off-lead disclaimer which will be signed if the client is happy to do so. After the relevant information is taken we can then arrange a free trail walk for your dog(s).

With our new client portal software, bookings or cancellations can be made online by yourself simply and effectively in no amount of time. You can update any records/contact information or pets details via the system and we can give you feedback after any pet visit or walk to keep you up to date with your pets moves.


Monday – Friday: 1 hour group walks = £14.00 

                                    1 hour solo walks = £16.00      

(£7.00  for a second dog per household)



Please do get in contact 07519459428 as we are happy to do individual price plans depending on you and your dog’s needs!

Pet visits

MissChivers pet sitting is the perfect way to have peace of mind knowing that your pets, however small or large are being taken care of whilst you are away on holiday.

However often for how ever long you want our visits to be, we can arrange this.

In this time depending on your pets needs we will comfort, groom, feed, water and clean out any cages or mess your pet has made. I will check the security of your home and make sure no dangers are left for your pet(s). We are fully insured and DBS checked regularly and so am trusted with client’s house keys. We are also experienced with injecting insulin to diabetic cats and can distribute any other medicines your pet might need in this time while you are away. Their is an added charge for this to discuss in your consultation.


Monday – Sunday    Half hour visit = £10.00 (£18.00 second visit)

Bank holidays:  Time and a half

Hours visits = negotiable


Please call 07519459428 to discuss a free consultation to meet you and your pet(s) :)

Pet/house sitting and overnight stays:

With the service of staying overnight to look after your pet(s), we not only care for your pet(s) in the comfort of their own home saving them the stress of kennels and catteries but you also have the added security on your home whilst you are away. If you are away for a number of days we can arrange to email/text you for updates on how your pet(s) are doing.

On your return making sure you even have milk in the fridge, a tidy house, plants are regularly watered and bins have been put out  if wished. Pricing is the same as day pet visits with an added cost for staying over.

Please see prices below but again in special circumstances please call to discuss individual needs.


Monday – Thursday

(Overnight stay: 6 pm-8 am) = £35.00 (includes a free half hour morning dog walk)

Friday – Sunday


Bank holidays

Time and half


Please call 07519459428 to discuss a free consultation to meet you and your pet(s) :)

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